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-- [Video] Paul van Dyk @ Roseland, NYC 3.4.2006

Posted by CivicRydr on Mar-08-2006 04:06:

[Video] Paul van Dyk @ Roseland, NYC 3.4.2006

My vidz from Roseland this past weekend.


and an example of an even better party at 1015 HERE

Posted by Drew1127 on Mar-08-2006 04:33:

great vid

Posted by Xyzpdq0121 on Mar-08-2006 04:35:

Awsome vid... Thanks!!!!

Posted by drizzt81 on Mar-09-2006 16:05:

yeah, the party in SF was certainly better!

Damn, looking at the vid again.. I think we need to stop by again in the future

Posted by Dirichlet on Mar-09-2006 17:56:

great vid - couple of good shots of the back of my head (esp. during dogzilla - without you) :

... ok, this is getting rediculous (civicrydr) - how many shows have we mutually gone to and never met?...

Posted by yankeeBaby on Mar-09-2006 19:44:

Thanks to you and anyone else taking the time to post vids/pics

Brings back great memories, what a fakin good weekend

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