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-- My worst Nightmare! (One Pic)
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Posted by speedracer_mec on Sep-13-2004 06:42:

My worst Nightmare! (One Pic)

A fukin brown recluse is living in a nest in my dorm hallway....

Mother of god...Im scared to death.
I cant kill it because it is hiding in the top portion of the janitor's supply room. Its the size of a quarter and Im freaking over here guys...

I put towels on the bottom of my door to prevent anything...


one bite and you lose your body part.

Me and two guys tried to kill it earlier and it went into hiding inside the door hole.

I will take pics and show you...tomorrow

Posted by JayD on Sep-13-2004 06:44:

You do know those shit's can eat through cloth in a matter of ten minutes right?


Posted by Boomer187 on Sep-13-2004 06:45:

wtf is that?

when you see it grab lighter and wd-40.....spray and light.

Posted by Jessica.S on Sep-13-2004 06:47:

one bite and this will happen after a while

clix for photos

Posted by Clovis on Sep-13-2004 06:49:

Brown Reclluse = 2nd deadliest spidar in North America

Posted by Jessica.S on Sep-13-2004 06:51:

btw, just call animal control. they will take care of it.

Posted by insecurity on Sep-13-2004 06:51:

whoaaa @ Jessicas pic

wtf is a brown recluse?

If it's a spider, then I agree with Boomer, & hit that shit with wd-40 & a lighter

Posted by speedracer_mec on Sep-13-2004 06:52:

Dude im fukin shaking right now.

The spider is sleeping 8ft away from my room above the door of the janitor's supply room.


I tried to take a pic and it went back inside the gap of the door on top.

We tried to kill it 20min ago and it went inside.


I want to call the police right now.....but evy1 in my dorm is going to make fun of me.LOL


IMMA DIE!!!dfgfghcgfhncgfnhc

this shit worst than terrorism1!!!

Posted by idoru on Sep-13-2004 07:02:

If I was able to get the courage (and didn't have anything flammable), I'd find the biggest, heaviest item I could, then charge in and beat the hell out of it. But it's a spider, and they're fucked-up.

Posted by speedracer_mec on Sep-13-2004 07:07:

We brought a giant shoe but there is a small gap between the wall and the door post above the door....and it runs inside it..OMFG

immma go to sleep....I put towels evywhere along my door...and Im calling animal control tomorrow morning....before this happens to anyone:

GOD HELP ME! no sleep tonite

Posted by jrbuddha on Sep-13-2004 07:10:

buy a can of raid, then spray and pray!

or get a bug bomb, and set it off then close the janitor closet.

Posted by Boomer187 on Sep-13-2004 07:11:

stop being a pussy and capture it and put it on someone pillow for a prank.

i mean look at this blurry pic of a spider in mah old apartment.

i murdered it....lotta juice inside that one

Posted by Xenocreator_PG_ on Sep-13-2004 07:15:

Brown Recluse?? sounds awesome.

in australia we have one called 'The white tip/tail spider' which sounds to be a relative of this Brown Recluse. The pioson does the same thing. It blister & rots the flesh & can spred over large areas of the body.

heres a link:

here's some pics of it:

These white tail spiders are very common in australia & love to live inside!!

Posted by Jessica.S on Sep-13-2004 07:18:

dude. seriously call animal control or the cops or whatever. if you get a bite you'll regret it.

Posted by Boomer187 on Sep-13-2004 07:19:

well if you do get bit, just walk it off.

Posted by UglyDave on Sep-13-2004 07:30:

i had a wee look over google to see what they were, and found that some sites claimed they only caused a slight blister.. i was gonna come back here and tell u to stop bein a bitch and go smack him with a shoe.. then i saw the photos..

My Advice :::

Option A:

- Call some sort of animal control

Option B:

- Get a can of deodarant + a match
- strike match
- aim can at spider (with match slightly infront of can)
- burn him from a distance of 3 feet.

can u not just get a big stick and smack him a few times??

Posted by idoru on Sep-13-2004 07:36:

Originally posted by Nou
fuck... why did i read this just before bed... i dont think they live around here... but still holy fuck thats scary...

Amen to that. Most of this thread was fine, until the photos showed up.

Posted by Jessica.S on Sep-13-2004 08:27:

thats where they are most found, so most of you will be safe

Posted by Yan on Sep-13-2004 08:48:

Originally posted by Boomer187
well if you do get bit, just walk it off.

Better hope it's not the leg that gets bitten.

Posted by A.J. on Sep-13-2004 12:04:

pffft....that's nothing

Crikey! In Australia, we have the world's deadliest spiders. Crikey Mate!!!!

Posted by speedracer_mec on Sep-13-2004 14:29:

THis only pic i could get with my shitty camera

Posted by Floorfiller on Sep-13-2004 14:32:

you need to kill that shit...DO IT!!!!!

Posted by UglyDave on Sep-13-2004 14:33:

..he looks tiny..

dude, just get an aerosol + a match..

Posted by UglyDave on Sep-13-2004 14:34:

are they actually deadly?

Posted by Tranc3 on Sep-13-2004 15:33:

I know stuff like windex and 409 works great on ants and stuff, I think it's some sort of nerve stopper. ANyways, maybe if you just spray it with the stuff. Or get normal bug spray. I know if it were me, I wouldn't want to kill it by directly touching it with something, because I'd be scared of it either jumping onto the tool I'd be using, or climbing up the tool and onto me.

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