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-- Holy****, Andrew Weatherall has died.

Posted by Silky Johnson on Feb-17-2020 17:04:

Holy****, Andrew Weatherall has died.

Pulmonary embolism, shit. RIP to an utter legend.

Posted by Mr Game+Watch on Feb-17-2020 17:31:

Very sad and shocking to hear. A total talent, love his 1996 EM.


Posted by Sykonee on Feb-17-2020 19:01:

56 is too damn young to go.

Time for another Sabres spin...

Posted by MR STROKE on Feb-18-2020 00:39:

I remember going to The Gathering SF 1998 in the woods somewhere. Some dude named Andrew Weatherall came on after Mr c and blew my face off. I had probably taken 10-11 hits of acid and didn't sleep for days. His 2 hour set of weird ass tracks in the middle of the forest stayed with me for years. Cat was a legend. Odd he never became popular in the US (even in the 90's)

Posted by Silky Johnson on Feb-18-2020 02:30:

Goddamn, that sounds amazing.

Posted by Paradox Lost on Feb-18-2020 03:39:

I was just thinking- just thinking, the other day, how its time I finally admit that Ive largely lost my interest in dance music and its DJs, but if there was any one act I can say with a straight face that I like, just one that I can categorically say that Im a fan of, it would be Andrew Weatherall. SYSTEM-J turned me onto those sumptuous slow-grooves a few years ago and Ive never looked back, though it now seems looking back is all I can do. RIP.

Posted by SYSTEM-J on Feb-18-2020 14:45:

This one really hit me. Normally beloved artists dying doesnt bother me, but this was like being punched in the stomach. Ive never felt so much grief about the death of someone Ive never met.

For me he was the best DJ in the world. He was the complete package. Not just the legendary production career and some of the most influential records in dance music, across so many styles indie-dance, IDM, ambient, house. Not just the fact he was there right from the start, playing at the first and most legendary clubs of the acid house explosion. Not just that he pretty much kick-started the careers of names as big as The Chemical Brothers by signing and championing their early records. But as a DJ.

By pretty much every yardstick of DJing excellence he was top of the class. He played basically everything over his career Balearic, dub, hard techno, deep house, downtempo, acid, electro. Hell, when he played in Liverpool a couple of years back he warmed up for his own all-night club set by playing 6 hours of rockabilly records in a bar. His mixing could be as loose as it needs to be when he was getting eclectic, and as tight and tricksy as you like when laying down techno. The way he programmed a set and made the records flow was exceptional, with music that can be very hard to segue smoothly.

Ive seen him something like nine or ten times in the last seven years. Every time bar one he played the whole night minimum 6 hours and hed warm it up from basically playing ambient and dub at the start, all the way through the slo-mo ALFOS sound he pretty much invented over the last decade and then into filthy acid and techno and big euphoric finishers. And pretty much every time I saw him, it was incredible music all through the night. A year or so back he played all night 7.5 hours for free in a bar in my city. Best DJ set Ive ever heard. There was a point where we just started laughing in disbelief every time a new bassline came in. It was just absurd how well he was playing. Banger after banger after banger, all night long.

The part that really makes it feel like a tangible loss is that Ill never get to experience that again. Because theres no substitute for hearing a DJ play live in a club, on a soundsystem, while youre high on drugs, making it up as he goes. You cant re-listen to a Soundcloud set or a CD and get that feeling back. I suppose to most people on here hes only known through his recorded sets, because he rarely played outside the UK. The majority of his gigs were in London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. But Id go see him live at least once a year, usually with a big group of mates. It was just a given that if Weatherall was in town youd go and youd have one of the best nights of the year. And youd see the same people every time, whod follow him all around the country and then go to his festival in France every September. There was a whole community of Weatherall fans in the UK. The crowds at his parties were totally loyal and would follow him anywhere he went musically. The atmosphere was always exceptional. And now all of us have had that taken away without warning and well never get to experience it again.

Posted by Silky Johnson on Feb-18-2020 19:28:

Damn. Right in the feels. Figured you would have much to say about it.

Posted by 2techs on Mar-12-2020 07:09:

This will always be ahead of its time

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