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-- anyone still out there?>???
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Posted by dj_souvlaki on Nov-05-2018 03:09:

anyone still out there?>???

Been a very very very very long time wow. Happy to see this place is still up and running, anyone from back in the day still active? lots has changed in this scene, not for the better either. Plugged in my old hard drives and started to listen to all the music that brought us all together, shed a tear......

Posted by rabbitjoker on Dec-05-2018 22:21:



Posted by *~LiSa-LoO~* on Dec-10-2018 02:05:

Still here. And still listening to that music!

Posted by MSZ on Dec-16-2018 12:49:

Posted by Swamper on Dec-24-2018 23:13:

why hello thar

Posted by *~LiSa-LoO~* on Dec-25-2018 04:06:

Originally posted by Swamper
why hello thar

Throw us a reunion! Noir TOTA birthday??

Posted by bluecloud on Dec-27-2018 17:22:

Originally posted by *~LiSa-LoO~*
Throw us a reunion! Noir TOTA birthday??

Not a bad idea.

Posted by bluecloud on Dec-27-2018 17:32:

Originally posted by Swamper
why hello thar

Del, please may you post some new sets in the music section?

The sets that are there are incredible, some of my favourite sets ever.

The PVD sets are all monstrous, the Misja Helsloot set is a special rare treat, and the Orkidea live @ Boa is an incredible journey.

Trance is still very much alive.

Thank you to MSZ for posting the epic Airbase remix of Pole Position.

Posted by Prometheus Xex on Jan-07-2019 02:39:

Still alive... even at my age. LOL

Posted by ChemEnhanced on Jan-18-2019 02:12:

Still alive but my dancing shoes have been hung up for years.

Posted by ++ EGO ++ on May-18-2019 03:20:

What's new

Posted by Slag on May-18-2019 03:29:

Posted by *~LiSa-LoO~* on May-18-2019 16:40:



Posted by kotsy on May-22-2019 05:04:

Posted by INFERNO2K on Jun-01-2019 20:56:

I still catch myself thinking about this place every once in a while. Still around

Posted by reverieX2 on Jun-26-2019 00:00:

Worm Popper

Still alive. Life is very different 19 years later but my trance addiction hasn't changed.

Posted by djskret on Jun-29-2019 17:10:

Still Here....Although life has change, #trancefamily will always be the same!

Posted by neuromancer on Jul-21-2019 06:10:


Still check this place from time to time. Last time I went out to party was Roger Sanchez at Guv, the memories. Had two kids since then.

Got tickets for the "We Are Lost Festival"; I guess I might see some old faces there.

Posted by Slixter on Aug-31-2019 18:48:

Surpirsed to see the forums still open... life goes on I guess...last party was Labour of Love 2012... good times indeed!

Posted by Kytracid on Sep-08-2019 08:43:

Still alive, but all grown up now. (Hit the big 40 a few months ago).

Still listening to that music, but also a lot of other stuff now. Dancing a lot less which is a shame. No clubbing - no hard stuff. Watching the kids wildin out and wondering if people looked at us the same (probably did).

Posted by love_child on Sep-25-2019 00:39:

I feel like an old man now
.. Sigh seems like yesterday I was attending a gig at the guv. Last gig was Danny T before they closed it. First party there was Labour of Love 2007

Posted by feelgood on Nov-11-2019 23:48:

Feeling nostalgic and decided to check and see if TA was still going.

The magic of the internet forum era was a special time. Probably one that is unique to our generation.

Hope everyone is doing well where ever they may be now.

Peace love unity respect, always

Posted by Beings on Nov-30-2019 06:47:

Went out around 10 times in 2019. Prolly half of going out days were Tomorrowland and Untold, but nonetheless saw some folks back home with TA shirts. Props to those who still represent. Maybe in 10 more years when kiddos dont need babysitting, there will be more enthusiam for a big gettogether?

Unrelated, once in a while seeing old folks properly move on the floor, with kids holding back ..

Posted by dEsidEL on Jan-25-2020 02:00:

Posted by loconet on Jan-26-2020 05:26:


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