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- USA - New York
-- Paul van Dyk @ Summerstage 2004 (Central Park)
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Posted by Psionic on Jun-26-2004 13:45:

Originally posted by LuNaSeA
whatchu talkin bout foo?!

PvD vs Marco V - For A Revolt
*aka revolt vs. for an angel*

had a very magikal time, couldn't care less for the music pvd was playing-- the rain was fucking awesome and made the entire night so special

My bad :P

Posted by Psionic on Jun-26-2004 13:50:

Oh yeah, anyone else's ears still hurt a little (if you were in the front of the stage)?

Posted by Konijn on Jun-26-2004 13:55:

paul dropped a good, hard set -- the rain made it all the more unique

side benefit of the rain: it kept DT's away which are usually out in full force at Summerstage events so there was copious blazing going on

i was hoping von duck would treat us to some older classics since we got soaked, but it was all good

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 14:18: is my review....Joey (bitchboynyc) convinced me to go, and I am glad that he did because I had an awesome time. The rain came down and it cooled me off. My pants were so drenched the would have been falling off if it werent for the assistance front my north face waist bag. Vtechs shirt saved my cameras life.

Speaking of which I must meet up with Vtec before he leaves back to PA to return his shirt. VTEC.....Msg me in aim or get my house # from Joey. When I left I could not find him.

The only TA's I meet were the ones we were mostly hanging with all night. I hear there were alot of other TA's there but I have no idea where they were hiding. It was a pleasure to meet Miss Bliss, Frost, Galapidite, Vtech, Bri, Indy, Danax, Raversurge, citykitty, Alyssa and her boyfriend, and Jen, Trunks, and a whole bunch of other TA's. Sorry if I forgot but there are so many to list. I was dancing my ass off in a mudd puddle and didnt care. My hair was drenched, my makeup was smeared but I still had a great time. Before this event I did not like PVD at all. After this event I so see him in a different light. He threw it down and he definelty had some energy that made me move.

The lights and smoke were really great, the rain coming through the lights looked like little sparkles...and the atmosphere, and the vibe of the people was great That remix of Synthasia he dropped was off the hook. Somehow someway I hope someone gets this set up online. I would defiently like to have it as a memory. I didnt take any pics.

On my way out someone stepped on my foot really hardcore. It almost feels like the tip of my toe is broken. I hope not. Overall very fun experience. It would defiently make me consider going to summerstage next year. Joey I owe you bigtime for this one!!!!!

Posted by Werewolf on Jun-26-2004 14:24:

First of all: AMAZING SET ! Harder than I expected, but I luved it. I can't say anything about the crowd ; made the set even better... However, the rain wasn't much fun to me since I came from Baltimore and driving back all wet wasn't fun either
Btw. I'll never ever come to NY by car (on Friday). It took me 6 !!! hours to get to NY.

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 14:33:

It took me 1 hour to get home from NYC to Queens. I was driving home like like no more than 40 MPH. My windows were getting all fogged up and I couldnt see shit from the hard ass rain. Plus I didnt want to take any chances since I had some alchohal in my system.

Posted by DanAX on Jun-26-2004 14:55:

Originally posted by partyhopper
Wet and wild for sure, and that will make this one to remember.
It didn't dampen the crowd's enthusiasm at all.
Good thing it wasn't lightning or a torrential downpour, but there were constant threats of both.
I thought the raindrops looked cool against the lasers, smoke, and strobe.
PVD seemed to play harder than usual (or at least that I'm used to hearing). Either there was a lot of delay between the front and back speakers, or I heard a few trainwrecks. Still a great set nonetheless. He didn't repeat any tracks.

yeah there was a little delay between front and back speakers. It sounds like trainwreck in the back..

Posted by DanAX on Jun-26-2004 14:56:

Originally posted by ogvh5150
Also he didn't play that many of his own songs for all you PvD haters out there. Maybe like one or two.

Yeah, kinda surprising though...

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 14:58:

I was def pleased with that because i am not a fan of his productions.

Posted by DanAX on Jun-26-2004 15:02:

Originally posted by PvDOBseSSioN
the fuckin fog up front was fuckin killin everybody, wat da hell was up with it???? it was constantly on and nobody could see shit for like 3 hours. but anyway im happy cause it was a good nite and i got my flyer signed by the one and only PvD!!! well im now off to work from 8am to midnight with no sleep im gonna die!!! i will post further information later

Yeah, I was in the front most of the time during the light.. that focking fog machine was so annoying...

Posted by dj paranoia on Jun-26-2004 15:12:


what was the first song he played at 6:00?? I must have it!! What a great set/night! The rain made the evening so really really cool. and the way he handed out paper towels to people at one point??? PvD rocks!

Posted by Psionic on Jun-26-2004 15:21:

I'm getting nervous b/c my ears still hurt

Posted by TiEstOLiVe87 on Jun-26-2004 15:24:

wow what a night

PVD is my god. i loved his set. btw someone mentioned about that (fuking love song) song could u tell me the name of it,,, i love that track. yea when he handed out papertowels he gave me a stack just for me. yea lasers were amazing especially the one that made it look like PVD was in a closed cone.... wow i was in front dancing alll night long non stop. there is no words to describe it. i love pvd.... please someone post this liveset, i really want to get it and ill try to post some pics from last nite once i get htem developed. wow. and the balloons was soo much fun. only thing i did not like was this girl with a blue raincoat that kept on pushing me and sH*t and got my ass all wet. but o well. i loved the nite... rain def added uniqueness to the set. Lasers once again were just out of this world.

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 15:47:

Yea I saw that girl too...I was like Dan, let me get in front of you before I knock somebody out. It was rather annoying. Almost as if she was doing it purposely.

Posted by partyhopper on Jun-26-2004 16:02:

Originally posted by Haunted

wayy too much techno, not enough trance. but had a great time, liked Spirit more.

Yup, at both CP and Spirit, I would have preferred hearing more (in the Highmay announcer voice) epic trance
I'm sure there would be many reviews saying how cheesy it was.
But anyhow, what he played, he sure played well.

Posted by sandstorm03 on Jun-26-2004 16:02:

paul played strait banging trance...starting to remind of of tiestos old tech trance style, with more "electronic" synths ,quality stuff. And pauls mixing/looping at spirit was fucking mint...

Posted by keithos27 on Jun-26-2004 16:09:

Originally posted by Vlad

Want a tracklist?
FUCK YOU! You should have been there!

You just don't know any of the songs....

I was there, and I still want a tracklist... and I don't know any of the songs! I didn't expect him to play like that last night but truthfully it was better... fluffy trance would not cut it when people are out there getting stomped on and soaked.... I think he read the moment very well. I was jealous that PVD was dry the entire time though.

My Pumas are absolutely ruined now.... were white and blue... now brown. Time for a new pair I guess?


Posted by sandstorm03 on Jun-26-2004 16:12:

i now have a new pair of brown pants...

Posted by [N]k|[Z] on Jun-26-2004 16:15:

Originally posted by sandstorm03

get yer big fat juicy cock out

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 16:16:

YOooooooooOOOO....good fucking Vids!!!

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 16:18:

Fix ur link on the last vid....cant click on it

Posted by Sirocco on Jun-26-2004 16:18:

Originally posted by Vlad
Soon my review shall comith...

i didnt see u u damn bolshevik

or i dont recognize u without yankee hat ;p

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 16:19:


Posted by keithos27 on Jun-26-2004 16:22:

Originally posted by [N]k|[Z]
get yer big fat juicy cock out

Posted by euphoria on Jun-26-2004 16:24:

Vid 1619 wont play for some reason

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