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-- OUT! [Beyond The Stars Recordings] Dalmoori & Laucco - Beluga

Posted by TAR label on Nov-28-2019 12:54:

OUT! [Beyond The Stars Recordings] Dalmoori & Laucco - Beluga

Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings
Code: BTSR287
Release Date: 25.11.2019

Proving to be a truly exciting results, Dalmoori & Laucco joined their producers strengths and deliver one of their finest productions to date in 'Beluga'. Beginning to make a name for themselves with forward-thinking and truly unique releases, 'Beluga' brings this power-duo for the first time together in a driving, rippling track balanced perfectly between mainstage euphoria and emotive breakdowns. Sweeping atmospheres surround a fantastically elaborate lead melody, chunky pads and surging bass to form another sublime collaboration. An extremely welcome and long overdue debut collaboration from Dalmoori & Laucco, this is 'Beluga'.

01. Beluga (Original Mix)

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