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Posted by jrbuddha on Sep-14-2004 17:20:

What if it laid eggs!

Posted by 6iki_Snake on Sep-14-2004 17:35:

Originally posted by StereoPrincess

ask to see the body.

this becomes more and more of a X files episode every day....

Posted by speedracer_mec on Sep-14-2004 18:49:

I was digging through the trash and to no luck!

But on my way to getting lunch today I snapped a picture of a poor bird who got trampled on the sidewalk

Posted by Mebot on Sep-14-2004 19:01:

poor bird...

this whole traumatic experience... but how did you know it was a brown recluse in the first place?

i don't know too much about spiders, the only 1 i know is dangerous is black widow and I can tell them apart..

i wouldn't know a brown recluse from a regular house spider...

Posted by wwu.punisher on Sep-14-2004 19:47:

We caught a Hobo spider in a jar last year in the dorms.

The guy who kept it held weekly "spider battles", in which we would pit any other big spiders we could find against the Hobo. He owned seven before one finally kicked his ass.

Posted by Slylee on Sep-14-2004 20:34:

poor spiders. poor bird.

Posted by {b.s.e.} on Sep-14-2004 21:19:

Originally posted by speedracer_mec
Dude im fukin shaking right now.

The spider is sleeping 8ft away from my room above the door of the janitor's supply room.


I tried to take a pic and it went back inside the gap of the door on top.

We tried to kill it 20min ago and it went inside.


I want to call the police right now.....but evy1 in my dorm is going to make fun of me.LOL


IMMA DIE!!!dfgfghcgfhncgfnhc

this shit worst than terrorism1!!!

ahhahahahaha you fucking coward. next time, use a

instead of calling the cops.


Posted by starlabs on Oct-09-2004 00:39:

Another brown recluse victim: this time a 5 year old boy

Posted by SgtFoo on Oct-09-2004 01:37:

considering their size, they seem rather harmless.. but i can see from the (unrelated) photos ppl post how you'd be scared of it.

there's a TA DJ who's local to Toronto, Canada who shall remain anonymous that I killed several spiders for once, b/c he's arachnaphobic (phobia of spiders).

seriously tho... watch for eggs... it's a valid point.

Posted by ShadoWolf on Oct-09-2004 05:37:

Posted by DTMMfam on Oct-09-2004 06:19:

thank god i live in california.

Posted by nialsjd on Oct-09-2004 06:36:

i heard those spiders are in parts of iraq. so don't kill it or the world will think ur pro-bush

Posted by sensorium on Oct-09-2004 07:50:

Originally posted by nialsjd
i heard those spiders are in parts of iraq. so don't kill it or the world will think ur pro-bush

Oh boy...

Posted by Massive84 on Oct-09-2004 08:46:

Originally posted by nialsjd
i heard those spiders are in parts of iraq. so don't kill it or the world will think ur pro-bush

Muslims are not allowed to kill Spiders.

The story goes, when the prophet Mohammed was being chased and about to get killed, he went inside a cave.

So this spider came and builds a web on the entrance of the cave and went on it.

When the people who wanted to kill Mohammed approached the cave they saw this web, so they figured he couldn't be here or ells the web would be destroyed.

Thatís how a spider saved The prophet.

Spiders shouldn't attack you if you leave them allone i think (well alot of them) but it's dangerous to have them in your bedroom or something like that, since if they can go on your bed while you sleeping , you mite move alot without knowning but the spider will feel a threat and bites.

Posted by DarkAngel on Oct-09-2004 08:51:

Thumbs down

Originally posted by nialsjd
i heard those spiders are in parts of iraq. so don't kill it or the world will think ur pro-bush


Kill the thing anyway.

Posted by DOOMBOT on Oct-09-2004 15:00:

Just read this at work...

Posted by ShadoWolf on Oct-09-2004 15:28:

Originally posted by DOOMBOT
Just read this at work...

Posted by fastmp3 on Oct-09-2004 15:39:

Originally posted by Massive84
Muslims are not allowed to kill Spiders.

the story you told is true , but there's no restriction on killing spiders.

are you muslim Massive84 ? because people will think we worship spiders

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Oct-09-2004 15:59:

Oh fuck, I just saw a brown recluse on my porch.

I lifted a box and he was just sitting there... I got a good look at him before he skittered off behind our cabinets...

Posted by nwopper on Oct-09-2004 16:17:

I am glad we don't have 'em here...
Or maybe they are here...but I haven't seen one crawling around yet...

The only thing I see are big, fat common housespiders running around my hall... My cat plays with them so they get tortured a little before they die... And if they don't die that way...I will get my flipflop to squash their asses!

Posted by kypez on Oct-09-2004 19:12:

Posted by guster on Oct-09-2004 20:26:

A guy in my dorm got bit by one a couple weeks ago. He spent a couple days in the hospital.. made me scared out of my mind for a while.

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