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Posted by cheesenip on Feb-14-2001 17:35:


Hey fellow trancEaddicts!
Just wondering how old you guys are since you guys are always talking about parties and rave n stuff... me, i'm the sad age of 16 i'm waiting 2 more years hah. so yea, how old are you guys?

Posted by Swamper on Feb-14-2001 17:38:


Posted by biznology on Feb-14-2001 17:52:


Posted by BuzzDC4life on Feb-14-2001 17:55:

Talking at the peak of my youth..

one more yr before i enter true adulthood. 21


Posted by Blik on Feb-14-2001 18:43:

I'm 16, just 2 more years and I can do almost anything in Holland

Posted by xXxAzNrAvErxXx on Feb-14-2001 19:57:

Smoking ..umm..something

I am 20...turning 21 this summer <-- plan to jump off a plane when that happens!

Posted by RiZseTh on Feb-14-2001 23:00:


I'm a kid traped in a 22 years old body


Posted by Dwingo on Feb-14-2001 23:37:


Posted by ftnb on Feb-15-2001 00:52:


I just turned 16, been raving for about a year now, but over here in Panama, their really leniant on the age i guess... i know kids who are like 14 who go to all the raves in panama, i mean, there like a couple young'ns and shit, but nobody really cares, its mostly ages around like 19-26 down im pretty much a young'n also i guess haha=)....

well im outa here, peace

Posted by mucka on Feb-15-2001 07:47:

Exclamation fuck!!! wish i was 16 again!

never had a care in the world 25 and still don't have a care in the world lol ...however as u get older u do too much thinkin ... but recently i've taken trance too another level ,i've always enjoyed trance but for some reason no other music seems too exist... i am how the site says, a true trancEaddict (has this got anythin too do with drugs?haha) peaces

Posted by Sandman on Feb-15-2001 14:53:

I'm 19. almost 20.
!!!Age doesn't matter when it comes to trance!!!

Posted by DJ SHY on Feb-15-2001 16:45:

Unhappy damn, im gettin old...


Posted by BuzzDC4life on Feb-15-2001 18:35:

Smoking ..umm..something

hey, im still technically a junior in college because ive been off and on too many semesters. i know ppl who graduate at 20, even 19! but im going to take up some courses over the summer to meet my grad requirement. just trying to make some of you old geezers feel better.. =P.


Posted by Bellie on Feb-15-2001 22:09:

Thumbs down Time flies when your having phun!


Posted by JayD on Feb-16-2001 05:04:

May - b your refering to my thread on the same exact topic I did like 2 months ago...

Posted by -DoomBringer- on Feb-16-2001 20:21:


(Hmm... this post would be awfully short when i didn't add this... not that it's long right now... but hey... F*ck it ! )

Posted by Tranceformer on Feb-17-2001 04:57:

Read This!

19, almost 20

Posted by Mark on Feb-17-2001 05:28:

turn 20 in about a month

Posted by Phlux on Feb-17-2001 10:23:


turned 19 at the PVD show

Posted by RaverFriendly on Feb-17-2001 18:29:

20 and in my prime

Posted by Tich on Feb-18-2001 02:51:

35 (and still no signs of deafness from loud trance!)


Posted by Violet on Feb-18-2001 05:48:


I'm only 15!

Posted by moogwai on Feb-18-2001 14:48:



Posted by breakdown on Feb-18-2001 15:16:

19.. woo hoo.!

Posted by tigger2oo on Feb-18-2001 20:07:


somewhere between the age of 26-27, i don't count anymore but each year on a certain day i celebrate to know i lived another year and i hope to make it to the next year.

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