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Posted by Ian on Jan-18-2012 16:29:

Ian - Jan 2012 Drum & Bass Mix

I've been waiting for a few tracks to be released and finally now I feel like I can put something out that encapsulates everything that has inspired me over the last 12 months or so. As always, track quality comes above the mixing quality although it's not bad as far as I go at the very least. Hope you enjoy


Croms - Invisible Cities [Exit]
Bulb - Tenderness [Kokeshi]
Synkro - Summer Blues [Blackout Music]
Calibre - Windows [Signature]
Paul SG - Hidden Smile [Ambra]
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Calibre Remix) [Nice Age]
Terranaut - Imaginary [Dirt Lies & Audio Black]
Lung - Relapse [Med School]
Adele - Rollin in the deep (Nu:Tone Remix) [Hospital]
London Elektricity - Had a Little Fight [Hospital]
BCee - Switchfoot [Spearhead]
Komatic - Make The Most Of Now (Technicolour Remix) [Spearhead]
Seba - Welcome To Our World [Spearhead]
Broken Drum - Closure [LuvDisaster]
Mr. Joseph - Chop Sticks [Liquid V]
Emeli Sandé - Heaven (Nu:Tone Remix) [EMI]

Download Here

Posted by rawbound on Jan-18-2012 20:25:

Nice! Synkro sampled bladerunner in that third track I hear. Will continue this in bed or tomorrow.

Posted by rdevito on Jan-19-2012 01:03:

Oh man, sometimes DnB works better to me than Trance.

Despite the Adele song, i think the track selection was awesome.

As for the mixing itself i have to say it's not that good but honestly i don't give a flying fuck, my main goal by listening to this mix was to open my mind more and more to DnB.

I wish to hear more DnB sets from you and from others TAs too.


Posted by Ian on Jan-19-2012 08:14:

Synkro did indeed, but he's that good that he can make anything work amazingly.

Agree re: the mixing, it's not great but since I've been putting these mixes up, i've managed to get about a dozen friends into d&b. Them then searching out mixes & tunes has given me even more accessibility to things I may have missed so it's good for me in many ways

Posted by Woony on Jan-19-2012 14:07:

Will listen.

Posted by Ian on Jan-24-2012 10:05:

Nice one, guy who's name reminds me of dj spoony. /dreemteam

Posted by sisterbliss on Jan-26-2012 16:36:

ian!! advertising your set in your sig is a good idea, otherwise i think i would have missed it !! i see some familiar tunes including that nu:tone remix of heaven, we listened to that a couple of months ago, i think tony mentioned it in his blog and maybe... i'm trying to remember, u know, so much alcohol that weekend, did u play it on new years? or tony? or robert? or zip? i think one of u did. and i'm pretty certain that u played it for us on radio a few months ago. sweets would know, gorgeous track. did u record your new years mix? our recording sucks :/

Posted by Woony on Jan-26-2012 16:55:

gave it a listen. some good tunes I didn't know yet but as others have mentioned the mixing was very rough at times.

Posted by Vernon Wanderer on Jan-26-2012 17:01:

good shit. apart from adele.

Posted by Ian on Jan-26-2012 21:26:

Originally posted by Woony
gave it a listen. some good tunes I didn't know yet but as others have mentioned the mixing was very rough at times.

Aye, I like to know that I can bring people music they may not know, gives a good meaning to putting these out. I'm not a proper dj & never will be but I can still share shit

Meggs, My recording was corrupted. I was pissed because I lost about 4.5 hours worth of music And yeah you guys were drunk, so drunk <3

Posted by DJ Dingel on Jul-29-2012 18:10:


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