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-- Al Azar - At The Edge Of Tomorrow: A Retrospective [16 Full Tracks]
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Posted by Mr.Mystery on Dec-17-2007 18:09:

Love Poundin' Sensation Al Azar - At The Edge Of Tomorrow: A Retrospective [16 Full Tracks]

Hello all,
here's a little holiday present we've been preparing for you for a couple of months now. It's more or less the entire Al Azar back catalogue reworked, remixed and remastered, plus a couple of tracks that have been made especially for this compilation. Everything's in full length and in 320kbps quality.

Al Azar - At The Edge Of Tomorrow... A Retrospective

Disc 1
01. Hiutale [9:02]
02. Remedy [7:35]
03. Tilt - I Dream (Al Azar's Bemusement Park Remix)* [7:48]
04. Forever Forgotten [7:37]
05. Aura [8:42]
06. BT - The Force Of Gravity (Al Azar Remix)** [10:20]
07. Random Act Of Noise Pollution (Act 1) [8:47]
08. Kooky Monster [7:49]

Disc 2
01. At The Edge Of Tomorrow [8:57]
02. Symphony In Blue [8:45]
03. Aerial Assault (Reprise) [4:14]
04. Shattered Dreams [7:51]
05. Forever Forgotten (Soothing Symphony Mix) [4:34]
06. Unsung Hero [8:49]
07. Random Act Of Noise Pollution (Act 2) [5:03]
08. Glaciation - Wither (Al Azar Remix) [6:54]

(RAR file, includes 16 files + front & back cover, 229MB)

All tracks written and produced by M. Bone/N. Rasimus except * written and produced by J. Graham/M. Parks/M. Wilson and ** written and produced by B. Transeau/J.C. Chasez with remix and additional production by M. Bone/N. Rasimus. Copyright 2007 Al Azar productions. May be played and distributed freely as long as the files are not altered in any way.

Posted by Ian on Dec-17-2007 18:11:

I'll grab this tonight

Posted by mezzir on Dec-17-2007 18:12:

downloading now, thanks dude

Posted by montana on Dec-17-2007 18:15:

where is vimana - flying to stay alive???

Posted by Mr.Mystery on Dec-17-2007 18:17:

Originally posted by montana
where is vimana - flying to stay alive???

In my 0day folder.

Posted by Jimb0b on Dec-17-2007 19:19:

Always get excited when I see a new Al Azar track up, but this is 2 cd's worth so ive made a bit of a mess!

Time to listen...

Posted by [mart] on Dec-17-2007 19:19:

Nik neglected to mention that we're now on MySpace! Most likely something to do with him hating it. But feel free to add as us a friend if you'd like. And thankyou for your interest! This collection spans nearly five years, which is quite scary.

Posted by Acton on Dec-17-2007 19:39:

nice one

im downloading now, will post again after ive had a good listen

Posted by david.michael on Dec-17-2007 20:20:

Can't wait to hear it. Downloading now...

Posted by mezzir on Dec-18-2007 01:37:

listened to half of it so far, and this is absolutely fantastic, gonna burn both cds for my car

Posted by Peter K on Dec-18-2007 02:46:

Thanks, looking forward to hearing the new tracks.

Posted by RickyM on Dec-18-2007 19:06:

Looks good, will download this tonight.

Posted by david.michael on Dec-18-2007 20:19:

Loving the new remix of Wither!

Posted by Nik Novo on Dec-18-2007 20:22:

The second CD is just fucking brilliant

Posted by Michael May on Dec-18-2007 22:26:

Nice. Thanks!

Posted by Sean Walsh on Dec-19-2007 03:42:

Wow, quite the share. Haven't listened to anything from this forum in a real long time; looking forward to this.

Posted by BshidoHEAT on Dec-19-2007 16:32:

This is awesome

Posted by SuspicionVandit on Dec-19-2007 22:17:

Re: Al Azar - At The Edge Of Tomorrow: A Retrospective [16 Full Tracks]

Originally posted by Mr.Mystery
02. Remedy [7:35]


Posted by Fundamental on Dec-19-2007 23:13:

Thanks guys! It's straight onto the mp3 player, so I'll I give it a listen to/from work tommorow!

Posted by mezzir on Dec-20-2007 03:55:

my akg 271's came today, and i'm testing them out with this album
holy fuck its good. both the headphones and the album. god damn this sounds better on headphones that can convey bass

ninja: also, why are you giving us this stuff why not sell it? this stuff is seriously fucking good

Posted by pwnage1 on Dec-20-2007 04:23:

This seriously should be signed. I mean there is something seriously wrong with anyone who wouldn't want to sign these cd's.

Posted by DJ Patski on Dec-20-2007 08:39:


Loved Glaciation.

Posted by Mr.Mystery on Dec-20-2007 08:43:

Originally posted by mezzir
ninja: also, why are you giving us this stuff

Hey, why not?

Now that we've got our entire past out of the way with this compilation we can focus on brand new stuff. Things can only get better

Posted by Yohan on Dec-20-2007 09:08:

OMG new stuff!


Posted by Yohan on Dec-20-2007 09:40:

Originally posted by david.michael
Loving the new remix of Wither!

It's just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

By far my fav Al Azar production

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