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-- Game: Britney Spears Strip Tease

Posted by Radagast on Oct-24-2004 23:44:

Game: Britney Spears Strip Tease

Weeeeeeeee!!!! You won't believe what happens on level four!!!

Posted by Mr.Mystery on Oct-25-2004 00:19:

Of course not. The suggestion to turn your volume up doesn't give you a hint either

Posted by SID133 on Oct-25-2004 00:21:

i bet i can guess

Posted by jonSun on Oct-25-2004 00:23:

I knew it.

Posted by Radagast on Oct-25-2004 00:50:

How else are you going to hear her dirty talk?

Posted by BloodBath on Oct-25-2004 02:22:

i almost died
hope you rot in hell

Posted by Sunsnail on Oct-27-2004 11:56:

damn it!!! why!! maybe i should read replies to any thread before i click on anything... at least the picture wasn't scary

Posted by cosmicstar on Oct-27-2004 13:13:

That was a good one.

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Oct-27-2004 15:30:


That was good - made you actually think by interacting with it (as opposed to just watching a stupid pic or video) and then it interrupted that concentration!

Posted by grooviebeats on Oct-27-2004 17:12:

ok... note to self.. read before you click..

Posted by Ek0nomik on Oct-28-2004 01:56:

Yeah that was a decent one. I knew something like that was coming, but the interaction takes your mind off it for a bit. Good laugh.

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