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Posted by DJ_Bod on Sep-13-2004 15:36:

Originally posted by Jessica.S

thats where they are most found, so most of you will be safe

My friend got bit by one (and we live in michigan). So I think that chart mey be off. He went right to the hospital, and they took a decent sized chunk off of his face (he got bit above the lip while he was asleep). But he didn't die.

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Sep-13-2004 15:50:

[spider story]

So I got back from the new Resident Evil movie a few nights ago (entertainingly cheesy ) and, since I live out in the middle of nowhere-Florida, I can see the stars at night. It was about 10:30 on a really clear night, so I just lied atop of my car for about an hour, gazing into the Milky Way. It was such a great experience, that I decided to check things out the next night as well. At about 11:30pm, I walked out onto my porch with all of the ligths off to see what was what with the sky - as I'm staring at the stars through my poolcage screen, I notice a huge dark spot about 2 inches from my face, upon a poolcage support. As I stared at it in the dark, I realized exactly what the fuck it was. To confirm my fears, I calmly walked to the porch light-switch just inside my house and turned on all of the lights. It was a fscking wolf-spider the size of a CD - I shit you not. I'm just happy that it wasn't a particularily aggresive/hungry one, because he took absolutely forever to die


My grandmother was once bitten by a brown recluse... she bruised in that area and then... nothing. I guess some people just have a higher constitution than others when it comes to these sorts of things

Posted by pooley on Sep-13-2004 16:13:

god I've seen those pics 5 times already and they still freak me out.
Nasty shit, and I'm afraid of spiders, god damn, everything starts to itch

Posted by brian on Sep-13-2004 16:17:

start shooting obnoxiously colored paintballs at it... that way, if you dont hit & kill it, you can see it a mile away.

Posted by loconet on Sep-13-2004 16:58:

THE HELL WITH THE FOOD CHAIN AND ECOSYSTEM BALANCE .. ALL these fucking spiders need to be killed!! gone!!!

Posted by starlabs on Sep-13-2004 17:21:

Man those pics are scary. Yikes!

Interestingly enough, I find a can of Lysol does the trick for almost every bug I encounter. Die arachnid!!!!

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Sep-13-2004 17:23:

No matter how much any of us whine and complain about that teeny l'il spider who *might* bite us in our sleep and make our lives a living hell, few of us will have to deal with these...

There are some things in this world that are beyond Hell

Posted by TOR on Sep-13-2004 17:28:

Originally posted by Halcyon+On+On
There are some things in this world that are beyond Hell

camel spiders are not bigger than your thumb and are afraid of human beings.

Posted by Slylee on Sep-13-2004 17:33:

catch it and toss it in the frying pan with a little butter and garlic.

Posted by twisted on Sep-13-2004 17:33:

thats not what the pic is saying

Posted by Slylee on Sep-13-2004 17:34:

that picture is misleading....they only look that big because you are comparing them to the guy's leg in the's just a close up of the spiders...they get pretty big, but not that big...

Posted by loconet on Sep-13-2004 17:36:

Originally posted by twisted420
thats not what the pic is saying

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Sep-13-2004 17:37:

Uh... obviously

I guess I'm not sure if the piccie was doctored or what but I know that if I found one of those in my tent...

I'd probably have a heart attack

And I think most spiders are afrain of humans, save for certain trap-door spiders that actually seem to hunt people in laboratory conditions.

Posted by ExOn on Sep-13-2004 17:41:

I fucking hate spiders! Shivers up my spine!

Posted by pooley on Sep-13-2004 17:51:

damnit, why do I keep checking this thread. It gets worse with the minute :/

Posted by Massive84 on Sep-13-2004 18:02:

wow this poison really can kill the human skin, is there no antidote for it?

WHATEVER YOU DO, do not fucking flame it, a spider reaction can be very fast and they can jump a quite big distance and it can attack= KO for you.

Things you should do is wear heavy clothes a jacket maybe, something that will hold it down if it attacks, Leather gloves maybe and a motorcycle helm..ya i am talking serious if this thing bites your

Take something long to squash it.. a stick with something heavy or something..figur something out.

Posted by ShadoWolf on Sep-13-2004 18:15:

One of the best things about living this far north is that we don't have nearly as many bugs as you guys.

or hurricanes

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Sep-13-2004 18:40:

Originally posted by ShadoWolf
One of the best things about living this far north is that we don't have nearly as many bugs as you guys.

or hurricanes

That was low.

If you've ever watched the southern sunset over massive clouds turning a multitude of pinks, blues and whites - the silver lining mapping your destination for euphoric interference before the veil of night comes to take you into her warm embrace of silently august constellation...

then you *might* understand why some of us tolerate the bugs, the rain, the heat, the humidity, the hurricanes, etc...

Some things just make it all worth it.

Posted by speedracer_mec on Sep-13-2004 18:57:

dude camel spiders maybe bigger than brown recluses but the poison on the brown recluse packs a big enough punch to have your body part amputated.

BTW i called the pest control and should be here today....My roommate wants to put it inside a jar once they catch it


Posted by Transporter on Sep-13-2004 20:35:

Just stick your gum in the whole and trap him (or her in) .. also pray it doesn't have a back door.

Posted by Slylee on Sep-13-2004 20:59:

thanks for the pics. now i can thoroughly enjoy my dinner and sleep peacefully.

Posted by Vivid Boy on Sep-13-2004 21:19:

let it bite u..u never know it could be radioactive

Posted by NiteMer on Sep-13-2004 21:52:

Re: My worst Nightmare! (One Pic)

Originally posted by speedracer_mec
A fukin brown recluse is living in a nest in my dorm hallway....

Mother of god...Im scared to death.
I cant kill it because it is hiding in the top portion of the janitor's supply room. Its the size of a quarter and Im freaking over here guys...

I put towels on the bottom of my door to prevent anything...


one bite and you lose your body part.

Me and two guys tried to kill it earlier and it went into hiding inside the door hole.

I will take pics and show you...tomorrow

I would be scared of a brown rackloose too, but one bite won't necessarily take a body part. My friend got bitten three times in the leg. It messed him up, but I don't think he will lose his leg. A girl that I know just got bit three times too. One in the butt. If you get bitten, see a doctor. You should be alright, but it will not be a fun couple of months.

Edit- If not taken care of, you can die. Why didn't homeboy take care of his bite. Was that someone that intentionally got bitten to show what would happen.

Posted by Boomer187 on Sep-13-2004 22:04:

Originally posted by Vivid Boy
let it bite u..u never know it could be radioactive

then he'd mutate into a superhero.....

.....or a supervillan...

Posted by Cloudburst on Sep-13-2004 22:16:

This is why I like living on the same latitude as northern Canada. Less bugs, hurricanes, earthquakes and shitstorms...

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