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-- 4D:NYC presents "Tribal Tech City" mixed by Jayoza (Mixed Album w/ Digital iPODCAST)

Posted by AstralNrg on Apr-02-2006 01:41:

4D:NYC presents "Tribal Tech City" mixed by Jayoza (Mixed Album w/ Digital iPODCAST)

Brought to you by : 4D:NYC & Enhanced-NYC Marketing

"Tribal Tech City"
Mixed By Jayoza

The era of digital downloads has taken over the dj/dance music scene. With a vast database of all styles of music Jayoza Mixes the old & new. The sound of the passed mixed with the sounds of the future. Beginning w/ Deep Driving Progressive to Tribal House sounds blended into tribal techno/tech trance. Jay's style can be best described as Driving Tribal Club Music.

Click Here to Listen to the Mix

1. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Attenziona Acapella)
2. Fingerfest Inc - Chemical Whore (The Dubadon)
3. Roelz - Deep Forest
4. Richard F - Cookie Dough Dynamo
5. London Squeak Motif Vs. Hong Kong Schlong - Supermodel (Pedro Del Gardo Remix)
6. Dj Preach & Marco G - Shizzle
7. Christian Fischer, Whebba - Germany Vs. Brazil - First Try
8. Valentino Kanzeyani - i-Pray
9. Yanave presents Enanya - Las Perillas
10. Mac Zimms & Scott Mac - Listen (Original Mix)
11. Olivier Giacomotto & Alec Marwx - Technorumba
12. Dino Sofos - Breathe Sunchine (G-Spott Remix) Dance 4 Life Anthem
13. Out Now - Children
14. Mike Foyle Vs. Signal Runners - Love Theme Dusk (Airbase presents parc remix)

Full Tracklist Review Here
Listen to the iPODCAST of "Tribal Tech City"

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Posted by AstralNrg on Apr-02-2006 23:36:


anybody have a listen yet ?

You can hear some of my original productions in the discography section. Ranging from progressive, to tech trance.

Posted by DJ Eco on Apr-03-2006 01:21:

sick from start to finish! what can i say, well done my personal style tends to put songs like this in between sets mixed in here or there (not whole sets of tribal tech) but you managed to pull it off, really good track selection, a bunch of tracks i havent heard before, and gotta love that closing song, i have yet to hear it in a club

Posted by trancintaiwan on Apr-03-2006 02:47:

how to change the volume on the lil ipod thing?

Posted by AstralNrg on Apr-03-2006 03:03:

High Lee : As of now there is no volume control but you can mute the sound if need be through the sound button located on the top right.

Thanks for the review Marcellos glad u enjoyed the mix , Airbase present parc mix of love theme dusk is awesome im suprised i havent heard many djs playing it ..

On another note heres a video clip my boy Alex Gonzalez took @ crobar this weekend at Sasha & Digweed..

Click here for Sasha & Digweed @ Crobar Video !

Posted by Goochman on Apr-03-2006 13:49:

hey man i gave it a listen and I really enjoyed it. It helped me bang out some homework last night...haha. And yeaa that remix of love theme dusk is bangin.

I was impressed by your website too. Really slick.

Posted by AstralNrg on Apr-03-2006 17:35:

thanks for listening goochman,im glad you enjoyed the mix..

Gotta give it to my partners for helpin me out on the layout - 4D Records & Enhanced Marketing FTW.

Posted by pyro264jb on Apr-18-2006 04:58:


Posted by AstralNrg on Apr-18-2006 22:15:

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