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Posted by Vigvogniasty on May-30-2017 06:53:

What set are you listening to now

I thought I would make a thread about what set you are listening to right now. I didnt see a a thread about this on here. So I thought I would start one. It can be any electronic music genre but i prefer prog house, prog trance, breaks, dub techno, melodic techno. If u have the sets please post download links if its possible.

Ok here is what im listening to right now.

Please contribute if u can. Thanks

Posted by Mr.Mystery on May-30-2017 10:37:

Some breaks.

Posted by Lira on May-31-2017 03:50:

Breaks here as well. Lady Waks is by far my favourite DJ at the moment:

Posted by Guest on May-31-2017 23:49:

Posted by Vigvogniasty on Jun-01-2017 07:14:

thanks for the sets they're all great. keep them coming

Posted by MSZ on Jun-01-2017 22:07:

The last set I've downloaded

Im not crazy about the tracks but the set is structured properly, so theres that at least. I usually listen to sets for discovering tracks rather than enjoying the journey type thing, but im still having trouble finding shows that resonate with me, I've only found one in the last 3 years. I've combed through all the regulars, nothing entices me, yet when I see a lofi live set recording ripped on someones cellphone or something, thats the shit I want, fuck this shit.

Posted by Mr.Mystery on Jun-01-2017 22:45:

^We always want the things we can't have.

Posted by MSZ on Jun-02-2017 02:43:

Yes, and some things are better left wanted; especially true with unreleased tracks.

Not always the case though. I cant stand Sasha's dj show, but some of his live sets, I'd definitely want on my phone in "decent" quality. Some of those recordings were done on a potato with 2 paperclips.

Posted by DJ Legs on Jun-03-2017 18:47:

Sadly youtube has recently removed a bunch of great sets by Holden which pains me dearly but this gem is still there.

Posted by llliiillliiilll on Jun-04-2017 07:25:

Posted by Kilixpree on Jun-04-2017 11:44:

kubikov - the alabama mix

Posted by AlphaStarred on Jun-14-2017 04:35:

Posted by LoveHate on Jun-15-2017 06:02:

not exactly a set but a mix compilation

exactly what i been looking for

Posted by Vigvogniasty on Jul-01-2017 08:41:

Posted by Trance-M on Jul-01-2017 13:48:

Heard Ram nailed it at Luminosity I happy he shared it to have a listen:

Posted by Salegon on Jul-03-2017 19:13:

Posted by OrangestO on Jul-06-2017 20:05:

Posted by Mr Game+Watch on Jul-08-2017 16:30:

Dave King - I Like This 017

Set from a fellow TA, it's pretty good so far, nice deep tech house.

Posted by Kuhis on Jul-18-2017 13:44:

Currently taking a listen to this one:

Posted by Empress Touch on Jul-18-2017 18:25:

Love Poundin' Sensation Simon Patterson and Markus Schultz

I'm still listening to the first of two 70-minute CD sets by Simon Patterson for his Trance Nation 2CD release in 2015.

As I am with Markus Schultz's second set on the same label, title and year.

The one track that really stood out for me though was a melodic techno monster by [B]James Harcourt[B] on the Patterson release, called Nutation. Very euphoric.

Posted by Vigvogniasty on Aug-13-2017 09:05:

Amazing techno mix from Fred White

Posted by Vigvogniasty on Jul-14-2018 08:31:

thread is almost a year old. I thought I would revive it.

Im enjoying this one. awesome set

Posted by Midlothian on Jul-14-2018 15:37:

Was just browsing through for "classics" sets

Posted by Mr Game+Watch on Aug-06-2018 23:28:

The Icarus Essential Mix was mostly awesome, with a few awkward tracks here and there (the Joe Goddard tune at the beginning and one that has a repetitive clown-nose-honking sound, for instance). Lots of great funky and melodic house music on it.

Posted by Kilixpree on Aug-07-2018 15:18:

cashu dekmantel 2017

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