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Event Forum Posting/Usage Terms & Info (Nov-19-2009 until Dec-20-2019)
Event Forum Posting/Usage Terms
Last Updated: May 22, 2014

(1) Posting of events is FREE and open to all.

(2) MAX of ONE Event listing per club per night
The only exception to this rule is if a party is happening in another room of a large complex and it has its own separate entrance/cover/dj lineup/flyer/etc.
  • If multiple promoters are promoting the same night at a given club then the above still applies - the promoters in question are solely responsible for discussing who is reponsible for what. TranceAddict and its moderators will not be mediators for such disputes.
(3) Promoters wanting to advertise their guestlist *MUST* use the pre-defined Guestlist Form when initially posting their event. Please do NOT post guestlist details (or event promo) within replies in the event thread or in any roll call threads.

(4) Guestlists are NOT allowed to be listed/promoted in signatures - we have a forum for this. Links to events will still be allowed - no oversized text or banners. If you wish to purchase banner space, have your event listing given priority placement, or want to run a contest please email

(5) Correspondence between guestlist patrons and the promoter can either be done within the event thread or via the Guestlist Entry Form Comment field(s) provided.

(6) If you can't select your event date from the drop-down menu then you must check back later to see if it is available. The current month and the following 3 calendar months will be available. We do this to draw more attention to the events coming up soon rather than diverting hype to an event 6+ months away. (Exceptions can be made - please send a PM to the moderator for your forum)

Promoter agrees that they are NOT to add this patron's e-mail address(es) to their mailing list(s) without the PRIOR CONSENT of the patron.
As of January 1, 2004, PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) is law in Canada and is meant to stop such events from occurring.

Please keep all event related topics/posts to the specified thread - do NOT start another thread within the Main Toronto & Southern Ont. Forum

These terms are subject to change without prior notice - however, when promoters post their event they will have a clear and visible link to these terms accompanied by the last modified date. By posting your event on TranceAddict you agree to all the terms mentioned herein and assert that non-compliance can result in the immediate suspension of your posting privileges.

A quick rundown of some of the basic features of this forum:


Promoter's Email - E-Mail address to send all guestlist requests to

Guestlist Request Cutoff - Time/Date at which no new entries will be accepted (guestlist option removed automatically at that time)

Whose List - Self explanatory
Guestlist Specifics - Self explanatory

Advanced Guestlist is a feature where all the names on list are stored in our database and the promoter has easy access to it - each guestlist request will still be emailed out but this provides an easy way to print out the list/sorted without cutting/pasting into a program and fiddling with columns/typesetting and the like - Pictures follow below.

If you do not select 'Advanced Guestlist' then you will simply receive an email with the guestlist request.




ADVANCED GUESTLIST - Viewable by Promoter ONLY:

ADVANCED GUESTLIST - Print Version - Viewable by Promoter ONLY:

(Each column is set to fit 40 names - 3 columns can fit on a single 8.5" x 11" sheet)
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